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What are the things you have dreamed about yet felt like they were out of reach?

Can you recall a time that just didn’t know where to start?

I’m Lisa McClease-Kelly, and my mission is to help you create your best pathway to business success. I’ve been where you are and I understand your struggles. And I know how great it feels to overcome issues, identify opportunities, find my best self, and realize the dream of a highly successful small business. And you’ll do it too!

As your professional coach, I will guide you to identify your obstacles and strengths. We’ll work together to incorporate your dreams and values into your business, strengthen your communications, and elevate your relationship with your staff and community. With focus and teamwork, we’re going to bring to life a business culture that everyone wants to experience; your customers, your valuable employees, and you!

And don’t worry, I hold on to your dreams and remind you of them when life pulls you off track. I’m here to help you find and experience life and business with purpose and service. I’m here to help you become the “Best of the Best”.

Our businesses rely on finding the people who have the challenge or concerns that we can uniquely help. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to create relationships with people so we know their concerns and they are willing to listen to our solutions. Ten minutes with Lisa McClease-Kelly and she had led me to a solution that was specific and unique for me, my services and my current concern. Lisa will help you discover what is best for you, to open channels of communication and open lines of business.
Edward Welch, D.C., DACNB
Lisa McClease-Kelly’s presentation on “Living An Authentic Life” was instrumental at this time of my career. I struggle trying to make the “perfect” decision, but now when I face tough choices, I reflect on my values and how I can use them as a positive motivator to get me closer to the success that I am looking to achieve! Lisa is an inspiring and engaging speaker, and also a compassionate individual. I highly recommend her workshops to all those who have doubts about yourself during critical decision-making phases of your project, career and even life! 
Suz Montemayor, BBSI 
Lisa McClease-Kelly has been a great coach for me over the last few years. I was shy and not quite sure how to gain business in my sales. I joined BNI and Lisa took me under her wing. Lisa helped me find ways to promote my business more effectively and talk to my clients more professionally. I have gained many referral partners and have been able to establish many business relationships thanks to Lisa.
Angie Stam 
Lisa brings a focus to both group and 1-2-1 settings. Coming up with a clear goal and creating measurable ways to get you there. She makes goal setting fun and goal achieving a reality.
Eli Clark, Partner, Focus 1 Insurance 
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